Friday, May 1, 2009

Cascade Effect??? Whom knows ??

Whilst I have been talking about some Bradley Dates, I also have looked at ARMSTRONG DATES, and the TURN date ARMSTRONG Identified, was APR 19.
Now Apr 19 was a high for markets at almost 8200 DJIA, and Low for Gold at about 860something. I'd think that the May 4 Date was the BREAKOVER date for the cascade effect or something to that effect as a result of the topping activity for the General Equity Markets. Given that Tops take awhile to develop, I wonder if this is a likely scenario ?? That is an area I am currently look into.

Also Jim Sinclair has a great little piece that I copy on here, that points in a similar direction. And I quote :

"Dear Comrades In Golden Arms, APRIL 30,2009

Exogenous events that cause slower economic activity of duration for any reason, be that the bankruptcy of Chrysler Motors, General Motors, or influenza results in:

The largest national economy has the largest financial problem.

Lesson here:

1. Great expenses for both Federal and State governments.
2. Drastically lower income tax receipts both for Federal and State government.
3. A ballistic rise in the US Federal and State Budget Deficits.
4. Lower business activity across the board at a time when bankruptcy is being held off by Federal contribution of taxpayer's funds for all major financial institutions.
5. Increased bankruptcy in the too "small to matter" category.
6. Followed by bankruptcy filings of municipal debt.
7. All of which will be factored into the LARGER NATION, this time as having the LARGEST FINANCIAL PROBLEM, breaking any technical flows or safe haven characteristics of the US dollar.
8. Gold rises to Alf Field's numbers on Martin Armstrong's timing.
9. Hyperinflation never occurs in good business conditions. It never has and never will. It occurs in the midst of the worst business and political circumstances possible, but then no one seems to get that key fact.

Armstrong's timing was both April 19th and again in June.

Lesson here:

The larger nation has the larger financial problem.

Note: A two month bankruptcy period would set jurisprudence history as no sitting bankruptcy judge would have time to even say his own name in that period."

Anyway, thats what I am thinking.

I will be setting up a forum for TA discussion and list the link here when I accomplish that, for those who care to work off a message board. Later on I will add a chatroom.

Best to ya,