Thursday, April 23, 2009

So if ARE there, what shall we do?

OK, I am guilty of not being clear. Reducing the entire universe of babel, text & video to a couple of sentences, and creating actionable instructions, and profitable situations leaves me with a pretty closed mindset. This leaves my mindset filled with jargon, criteria, and technical definitions.

Being clear is sharing so that others may find their way. That is my purpose here.
Part of what I do, hopefully clearing away irrelevant material so we can then view the issues, framed in relevant manner,and with suitable tools. I specifically use tools you may access over the Internet without charge.

First and foremost, is They are the primary vehicle of my work.

Most of what I produce can be reproduced with their Free charts. For example:
As above we have a chart of CLAUDE RESOURCES, a Canadian Miner, having been slaughtered with all of the other Juniors, but alive and still kicking.
Free Charts may contain up to 3 OVERLAYS [ here, Keltner Bands, 200 DMA & 50 DMA
[and if truth be told, the mid-band line inside the Keltner Bands is a 20DMA]].
Three [ 3 ] INDICATORS are also allowed: in this case, Chaiken Oscillator, MACD, and
Ultimate Oscillator.

The OVERLAYS serve to tell us WHERE in the Relative Position the stock is riding.
The INDICATORS tell us which direction & momentum we expect the price trend to go.

From this we can begin to observe things that help us. More later.