Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lets talk CALENDAR and CLOCK

Many have noted that the CALENDAR and CLOCK seem to mark turning points and moves.

I have said privately that I thought the re-imposition of the up-tick rule would bring a greater semblance of normality to markets. OK thats a done deal.

No one likes INCOME TAX TIME. I tend to mark markets by that also. THEREFORE : KEEP YOUR STOPS IN PLACE.

We have had about a 25% upward RANGE SHIFT, so it may mean this will be a flat correction. "MAY MEAN", nothing else. Find your "SCALE-IN" Points, set your STOP LOSS orders and maybe your STOP LIMIT BUYS, and go fishing, go for a walk, and watch the water. Maybe Trailing SELL Limit orders, if your comfortable with them.

Let the Taxman and MZ Market help you out here.



But perhaps let MZ. or MR. Market help us out. Truly if it's a bull market we shall buy back in again.

BUT maybe for prudence sake we all need our SELL STOP LIMIT ORDERS all in place LOCKED & LOADED so we can go about our business and let the market do what it does best, FLUCTUATE !.

AS I work on my various projects, my attention is spread out amongst them, so I have my STOPS IN PLACE, and can focus, instead of suffering endless anxiety. Thats what works for me.

My finding is that MZ. or MR. Market knows exactly when I should get out. Just like me MZ. / MR. Market has been wrong from time to time, but I have been wronger than MZ. / MR. Market has, so this is why I am comfortable.

Meanwhile ya'll have fun and fight nice. I am looking at shorts here, and the screened but unfiltered short list is: UVV; TWX ; ACN ; BAX ; GPN ; FO; HBC; BEN; MW; BR; JCG; WRI. That should be some food for thought for ya ! !