Monday, April 13, 2009


Is anyone freaked out by this rally? Is everyone feeling good about this rally ?

Do you have your stops in place? Well yes if you have stops in place, you could be stopped out, right? But if its a bull market you might miss a bit of, would you not be able to buy back in?

Of course, if a SCARENARIO hits, what would happen if you had stops in place??

Well, hey, ITS YOUR MONEY ! !


TANZANIA -> Douglas Lake -> on my mind

Now I told Toby [ Tobinator ], after reading his research report on DLKM, that I'd write a short piece for him on about their placer mining in Africa, as to the things I knew about them and the content of his report that rang true in similarities to placer mining in Alaska.

From as little as I can tell from his report, IMO, the similarities of occurrance and nature, make their operation understandable. Black sand [ magnitite ] is common in areas of gold bear placers in Alaska, and considered "part of the landscape", as it is found with placer gold. The potential for another "GOLDEN BEACHES OF NOME" deposit exists, and IMO, DLKM may have found something like that.

What I read in Toby's report leads me to think that, the Douglas Lake deposits are as basic as placers as occur,and nothing seems false to me about.

Even the Internet rumors trying to HURT them seem to fit. DDYOD, DDYOHW, but I think he is on to something. More later,

Good Luck All,


Barrons Attack on Tanzanian Royalties [ TRE ]

Seems to me, pretty funny when a really BIG outfit like BARRONS attacks Jim Sinclair, by trying to paint one of his vehicles Tanzanian Royalty [ TRE ], as

Pretty pathetic, if you ask me -> BUT even more interesting IMO, is the fact that
JSMINESET published a recent article about the rationale for gold shorts not covering.

This entry is pretty much commenting on a comment, so now let me quote a quote AGAIN, altho its a paraphrase, so I dont have to page back to get it : "the point of these shorts was to make sure the juniors could not get any financing:. Now that paraphrase appears in an earlier post in this blog, and it comes from JSMINESET.

Now TRE is a legitimate junior with JV in Tanzania, with Barricks, oh dear, but its a junior miner with typical junior pro's and cons. I think when Barron's attacks it in this way, does a great job to reverse target what is really going on here, IMO.

I recently expressed a negative opinion privately and publically about a Miner listed on the LONDON, whom I thought was the "Partner from HELL". This Barron's article simply shows me how connected all these guys are. Did the "Partner from HELL" think this up all on their own, I mean what they did to two of the other Junior Miners they JV'd with. I DONT THINK SO ! ! ! But if you check who did some of their underwritings and was probably their financial advisor, you'll get the picture, I wont have to draw one for you.

CHEERS for Jim Sinclair and Tanzania Royals, jeers to Barrons. Shame on Barrons for trying to skirt the meanings of the English Language. I thought I knew where BARRONS was at. Now I KNOW I know where they are.

Good Luck All