Thursday, April 9, 2009

Yes this is a correction but not what you expected.

Ethically I cannot say to go into financials. Most of what is POPPING UP is the garbage no one thought would survive and might not yet. ENERGY seems the dominant theme in the SNIFFER SCANS and is producing most of the PUP's [ POP-UP-PIX ]. I am not at all concerned about being long energy producers, as there are assets to back them. Cant say that about financials. Certainly the biggest winner in the PUP category has been WTI, up a buck today. Its got a pattern reminiscent of MWE of about a month or six weeks ago. WTI is a weird company by today's standards, too conservative some might say. Apparently that weirdness is appealing to some. DYODD, & DYOHW.

GURU's are calling gold as poised for a run. I am not. As much as I'd like it to run, I am out of all straight gold issues. MVG with its merger struggle with FRESNILLO is way way interesting, so I will stay with it. Should I decide to write an SEEKING ALPHA article, it probably wont be on gold.

Meanwhile everyone have a safe week end and count your blessings.