Friday, March 13, 2009

How about a touch of INCOME ?

OK, for a spot of income, anyone??

Yields as you like them. Sectors, Capital Gains Potentials, and get paid while you wait.

Again, in no particular order : PGH ; BGS ; DHT ; EAD ; GAB ; HRZ ; GGN ; SSL ; AAV ; MWE ;

For those digging deeper, there still is the Canadian INCOME TRUST FUND sector, some of which are USA Listed, or simply OTC or Pink Sheets : LIF/ ; ; PMT/ ; SIF/ For more detailed information, you can access most of them on
Most of the Trusts can be found on, using the above format to create a chart.

Each and every issue here, usually responds to a sector, so if you can observe the sector it will aid your understanding of how it cycles.

Observe Support [ usually the same as ACQUISTION ZONES ] and Resistance [ similar to DISPOSAL ZONES ], for the best oppurtunities.

Good Luck All,


OK, now for all the Odd ones

how about a TRIPLE Bull ETF for the Small Cap Financials ? > FAS.

Maybe a Double Leverage CRUDE long? > DXO.

Triple Bull Real Estate ?? > URE.


Thats enuf to get you into lots 'o mischief ! !

Good Luck All,


"Get your Motor runnin" - Now for some ENERGY [stocks ]

Energy and related stocks currently tracked, again in no particular order, are : AAV ; MWE ; CFW ; PVX ; DXO ; DNR ; APL ; WTU ; TLM ; SSL ; UNT.

Again, you know the "drill". I think most "energy" related measures would be best used in conjunction with an banded oscillation chart, to anticipate moves in these issues.

Also other "Energy" issues showing some activity here are : IVN ; EEE ; YZC ; AAUK ; DEJ.
AZC is in Copper. PLM is into a poly-metallic deposit in Minnesota.

Every issue here has its own product composition and development position, which I'd think you'd be most comfortable "doing the drill", ya know, DYODD & DYOHW.

Good Luck All,


AND for OUR NEXT Performers, we have PM's

These are on my radar at the present moment, again, in no particular order : AZK ; EGO ; MDW ; FRG ; KGH ; CEF ; GORO ; IAG ; THM ; GGN ; RBY ; ETQ ; MFN ; AXU ; RIC ; EGI ; MMG ; QMM.

Now given the many strange circumstances and places miners must go to get PM's, I can safely say everyone of these PM's stocks has their own story, which it would be best to be familar with before entering any position. Thats my advice. Most will fluctuate mainly with PM prices, but all are vulnerable to their own internal developments. Again, the same kind of Technical Selection as to ACQUISITION and DISPOSAL ZONES applies here as it did to the INDUSTRIAL - LIKE stocks.

Good Luck All


Lets talk Industrials [ or non-PM, non-Energy stocks]

Issues I am tracking that fit this category are [in no particular order ] : FHC ; NWK ; DAR ; BGS ; DHT ; L.TO[ aka LBLCF ] ; NGA ; EAD ; IM ; STX ; HRZ. My apologies for anything I left out.

I am tracking these with a series of technical analysis filters and ACQUIRING and DISPOSING of them as they arrive in these respective zones. These ZONES are roughly equivalent to those found by using the STOCK CONSULTANT Box in the upper right of this blog. Should you run out of ENTRIES for this, you can use the O/S & O/B ZONES on any particular Banded or Stochastic Oscillator. If that doesnt work, just either leave a comment for me, or email me at "" and I will publish the most recent for that particular issue.

My basic premise is that these "INDUSTRIAL-Like" stocks will participate in this Rally. We will talk about THE RALLY later and its ramifications.

Good Luck All,


AND it shall come like a thief in the night, and no one shall know the date of the return

Does this not adequately describe what just took place?

Like WWII, while the occupants of Hong Kong looked to a sea-borne invasion, the invaders came by land. And took the colony.

Was someone looking for a capitulation style bottom? What they got instead was a market that was indifferent to almost ALL classes of assets. Was it not more comfortable to clutch rabid skunks to your bosom, than to buy common stocks ?

So no blog or DGS Letter reader was surprised to see this rally. Further, no reader who followed a prudent course of ACQUISITION at SUPPORT Levels, protected by trailing stop, suffered inordinately, and yet still was positioned to participate in this rally. They no doubt are participating in this rally yet.

And of course, our nemisis, the TALKING HEADS were DEAD WRONG, as ALWAYS at Market TURNS. They were TOTAL BEARS on MARCH 6th & 9th, God Love Them ! ! !

I hope you guys are enoying your profits now and moving your trail stops up gently behind them.

In my next post I am going to cover some of the ISSUES I have been following.

Good Luck All,