Sunday, February 8, 2009

So I'd like to publish your PICKS, in COMMENTS

As I just came up with additions to the picks in the last post.

While it's late, I wont post them yet, as I want to supply some graphic's but if you'll each leave a pick or two on the comments [ half-toned "Comment" note, under blog ], I'll publish them either ANON or with your handle, as you like and we shall see what can come of this.

AS to the ones I publish plus the ones I am also now including, I can think of at least one fundamental flaw and probably one fundamental positive, but thats not how we found them. We found them with Technical Scans, and so we will publish their ID's based on Objective Technical Merit and no fundamentals.

Found some more pix from my Denali Park Collection, so I will publish them at the occasion allows.

Have a great night,