Wednesday, January 21, 2009


That question is on everyone's mind? Does the above chart address that question?

Time cycles said Monday, MLK Day was THE DAY, but the markets were closed. I theorized that Tuesday was THE Day, and others said that THE DAY could not come before FRIDAY. Well as the Granddad always said : "You pays your money and takes your choice !"

In this case do take your choice. Did the Talking Heads continue to scare you as to whether the DOW would break its low ?? Maybe maybe not. It did NOT break the Low of the week of Nov 17th. It did make a higher low today. Take your choice.
The $WLSH, the Wilshire 5000, made a much higher low and so did Tom Holt's Value Line Arithmetic which is UNWEIGHTED whereas the $WLSH is weighted. So the majority of smaller stocks are the ones leading us higher, probably cause they got so badly trashed in the last two years.

The DGS Letter is available at No-Charge, if you simply email us your E-Addy and Zip or Postal Code. Another Edition will go out in the next 24 hours. My two cents, says, yes WE ARE THERE NOW. Maybe we will need a Band-Aid or two, as we might get bumped or scratched btwn now and Friday, but most of my accounts are ALL-IN, at this time, as are my Associates, and perhaps readers of the DGS Letter.
Covered will be FOOD, AG, Precious Metals, Energy, Gold n Silver and some wrinkles on ETF's. I am not calling the dates or numbers but trying to stay on the right side of the Intermediate Trend.

In any case, Good Luck.