Thursday, November 26, 2009

thanksgiving. Thanksgiving. ThanksGiving. THANKSGIVING. THANKSGIVING ! ! !

I dont know which is your flavor. The first one is how I feel on a daily basis to live in a place where the rule of law is paramount. Thankful is what I feel daily for the people who surround and care for me. THANKS is what I extend to all who show their
humanity, whether sharing openly their thoughts and needs or lending a hand or hug whe it is needed.

I wish all of those headings for you to feel in your way, in their sequence as you go through your life, minute by minute, by the hour, the day, the week, well you know.

Thank you each and everyone one of the readers for allowing me to share with you all that I have put on these pages. THANK YOU. Its important for me to do as much as I can do, and I appreciate your attention. Nutty as this world might be I will try to keep posting.


Sunday, November 22, 2009


My analysis of this week for FREEWEST can be accessed for Authorized Recipients at

. You may request a password at

"" for access.

Friday, November 20, 2009

I think Mac is thinking: "A thing well bought is as good as half sold already"

and Nixonian as it may be ""Those who know, aren't talking."

Content right out of my conversation with Mac today at lunchtime. I must tell you that I am in fact a bit tired of all this stuff, because

"NOTHING HAS CHANGED", and that is my observation and opinion, at least as it concerns Mac's side of the deal. Just like a mastiff bred and trained as a wardog, I am sure he'd like some rest, but he has as much fight as ever, and a lot more experience than the Opposition Forces [ OP-FOR ].
At this point, their only hope is their historical experience, but that is trumped by FREEWEST's hands on knowledge of "WHAT TO DO".

As to more of this conversation, well, I tell you no more than this, as the rest is for my subscribers, is that Mac appreciates the historical lessons so evident from the Duke of Wellington. Enough said.

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Tired and Sick of being Sick and TIRED?

That is what I think could summarize Mr. Nasty's mood if he could talk.

Looking at the GREY sections in the VLE chart, we feel as if we are looking at the breathing capacity of a runner at the end of a long sprint. Not really a lot of reserve oxygen left. Hence the feeling of nausea and fatigue. VLE represents all stocks equally. So Apollo Gold has the same weight as Goldman Sachs. Thus you see this peak is lower than previous. HMMMmmm wonder what that could mean.

IMO, hold your stocks that are in REAL Uptrends with REAL stops, down where you cant be shaken out, and keep your other stops where they will refresh your cash position as they get hit. They will get you ready for the next buying opportunities. Observe your buy limits carefully. Your fidelity to your plan will serve you well as you hang on to your discipline.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


almost a picture perfect head fake from MR.NASTY, deceptive as a counter move.

We are in the resistance ZONE now, so now we are feeling a Liquidity Drain and a correction that keeps saying "CREDIT CRISES - AGAIN ". The correction will roll on, taking small companies lower, and not seriously afflicting majors that benefit from the the pumping of the economy. Just as 1150 was the new "1000" for gold, we may in fact see another level established for the major indexes.

Dry powder & discipline. Make it all worth it.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

State of Despair, VS. INFLATION Nation-> Fishy?

Well it is seen to be potential for mischief here, seeming as if the old "switcheroo" of INFLATION Vs DEFLATION,is about to be trotted out and shown to us, like the "BogeyMAN". Everyone be scared now, long enuf to to sell LOW, and then again Buy HIGH. Kinda like how GS and LB make those fantastic profits. DIDNT ya wonder?

Now what are the TV, Media and Financial Guru's and Talking Heads carpet bombing us with? HMM might they be a great series of contrary indicators? I for one am skeptical, and follow what THE Market is actually saying, rather than what others tell me it is saying. I would then say, that the graphic's show the de-acceleration in the breadth underpinning of the current market. I dont know how MR. NASTY is going to break, and I dont know if it will crash. I know that it will fluctuate enough to scare the pants off most of usIF WE LET THAT + THE HEADLINES FREAK US OUT, which would be the desired effect, as we are panic into SELLING LOW and BUYING HIGH, u n l e s s you know better

Now that you know better, stay tuned.


Chat with Mac 11/19/09
Plus recap and new info

This Week FREEWEST stock maintained its 30% market premium over NOT's all stock offer.

This week I had chat with Mac and kept it very short, with only a few questions. He was clear annoyed by the ongoing smoke and mirrors, maintaining his poise and assured manner. He never gave me a hint that of the potential negotiations, and I made sure I did not ask any prying or leading questions.

The chart expresses it best, as the consolidation appears, potentially halfway up a move.
You can do the math on that.

Bottom line here, is that FREEWEST never stopped doing what it does best, creating stockholder value, despite the distractions todate. I think this announcement about non-binding negotiations will
calm things down a bit, as FREEWEST works towards another “Preciptating Event”, the compiling and publishing of NI 43-101 Compliant mineral discovery and reserve data.

Right now I am watching and comparing share prices,capitalization, RoF position on SPQ, KWG, & FNC, as to see what might be created from any number of combinations and permutations of these companies plus FREEWEST, potentially ending up with a Supra-Chrome Company in the RING.
Thats a hunch I am working on.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Apples 2 Apples is on WordPress Blog

at this address:

It is also the LAST in LINKS on the right hand Sidebar of LINKS.
The charts are "illuminating".

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Success at FREEWEST, some charts and chat

Each and every chart above represents an alternative look at FREEWEST, adjusted for time, volatility and price bias, based on my experience working with P & F charts.

Since FREEWEST does not show up well on Traditional Point & Figure charts
as it is under $1.00, some adjustment tends to set it equal, as if under a magnifier.
Differing methods of calculation show differing upside objectives.

Two things seem really clear when you look at any chart, Point & Figure or other:

1/ FREEWEST's stock is in an uptrend.

2/ There are multiple upside objectives ranging from 80 cent ( not shown here) up to almost $2.00.

In my opinion, some of these will materialize. Further, IMO, the gap at 36 will not be closed, until long after FREEWEST is long over this chrome deal.

I did not share those charts today with Mac today but he will get a copy of this in his email.
It is no overstatement that FWR shareholders including Mac are tired of the continuous “nattering nabobs of negativity”, that I think are coming from the aggressor in this hostile bid for FREEWEST. The constant negative battering is only increasing FREEWESTS resistance to anything Noront.

FREEWEST is preparing a NI43-101, which for me will be a
“precipitating event”. The “Resource Inventory” released last week was but a peek into some of the resources that FREEWEST has. It should be considered interim, and preliminary to the entire NI43-101. Of course all FREEWEST stockholders will want to see that before they let someone else make up their minds about the stock value.

FREEWEST, Mac & CLIFFS have “No Comment”, IMO, because they have the goods. When you got the goods, you don't have to fill the air with hot air, threats and promises. Their announcement will come when the time is right.
On this line I asked Mac a stupid but open ended question as to what or whether we could expect more news releases before the end of the hostile offer, and he laughed and said, “probably, most likely so.”

FREEWEST responded to the attack on the Stockholder Rights Plan, and I imagine we will always have one in place if we need one.
CLIFFS strategy for FREEWEST and KWR is unchanged at this time.

MAJORS continue to roam both the field in the RING of FIRE and the offices of
companies we know. The RING is the hottest thing going and FREEWEST has the goods.

Rather than take up more time of this talented and generous guy I simply bowed out of the conversation at this point, and told him I would be writing this later today to share with as many FREEWEST stockholders that read my blog at:

In reality, Mac is very generous with is time and expertise, so as many are always
in his face and as much as is on his plate, he will talk with you, so I try to be direct and to the point and get as much info as he feels he wants to release, to be shared with stockholders, so this is a “Chat”, not a report. For me, its about keeping in touch.

Monday, November 9, 2009

OK now we can get back to Euphoria and Despair

So now you know when your supposed to be happy and when your supposed to be sad. Good I am glad I was able to help you with this. So you can Buy HIGH and Sell LOW with a clear mind. I guess this is not "NEWS you can USE", but rather "NEWS using YOU"

I think the message is clear. Either you eat the bear or the bear eats you. Depends on the day, and your mood, and awareness.

Simply put, We are being Played. Up the scale, Down the scale, and then Right, Left and Center. I guess now that you know, its time to sit down,and plan your strategy and tactics. Not rocket science, let me assure you, especially when you think about whom is running the show and the huge footprints that remain as they leave the scene of the crime(s).

If you want to "Beat the Heat" dont hesitate to take a 2 week trial subscription to PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS for $5.00. It will give you a weekly stick with which to beat the market.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

this link will make you dizzy -> FREEWEST^FWR

It links a report that precedes a standard NI43-101 [ Canadian Truth - in - Mining Disclosure Report ], that IMO, will lend multiples to the price of FREEWEST RESOURCES CANADA's stock price when the street appreciates its ramifications.

In short it indicates that in all probability that Platinum and other rare minerals deposit's owned by FREEWEST, in the James Bay Lowlands known as the RING of FIRE, will compare favorably with those of South Africa's Bushveld Complex.

The Big Wheel goes Round and we are so DIZZY

Its got to make you dizzy. Two hundred down, Two hundred up, where she stops, nobody knows. I mean its 10 PM do you know where your stocks are?

Basic SHORT ANSWER: Wheel within a wheel. Like the spring driven clocks that unwind and then wind back up again we have two wheels. One Very Large Wheel, this trip it's a BEAR WHEEL. One Medium Wheel inside the Very Large Wheel. From March, the Medium Wheel has been in Bull Mode, while the VERY Large Wheel in BEAR mode, has been in neutral. IMO, we are at the top of a Bull swing, within a larger bear market.
When the wheels are synchronized,the market surges or crashes in strong moves.
But like the US Congress, even when the same forces control the legislature and the presidency, they dont always move in a straight line.

My guess, knowing what the "smartest guys in the room" are seeing and saying,I think at the top of this rise, we will decline into March of 2010. So far I dont see any evidence to dispute this, and yet we will make profits in the market, with the selections from PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS. Try it, you will like it, subscribe at the box below the PINGBOX. For less than you spend at the Qwkie Mart in 1 stop, you can access your way to profits.

Meanwhile stay aware............

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