Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This deck might not have 52 Cards, but "THIS HOUR HAS 22 Minutes" fur shure

So this HOUR doesnt really have 22 minutes, but there are 17 CHARTS here.


Well for the simple reason that 15 of these 17 have maintained their chart formation and upside objectives
IN-SPITE of the bloodletting that is going on.


Yes these stocks got support levels. ! ! !

It is interesting to hear that these stocks are HARD-TO-BUY,
and now have come down to

For those who get the DGS Letter, oft, we talk of "SUPPORT LEVELS", which
then puts us back in the

Yes, that is a scary idea, ACQUIRING STOCKS while they are DOWN, but that
also reminds me of something
I once heard: BUY LOW,

Actually, this just could work!

Now, if your concerned about the potential for getting whacked when you buy into a decline, you can enter a HEDGE.

What kind HEDGE?
HMM, maybe a some GDX Options? How about some Negative ETF's in the same sectors?

Maybe in a forthcoming post we will look at some projections for $HUI.

Seems to me, that a lot of readers here, if not GoldBugs, are at least Precious Metals Partisans, so if you liked gold in the 700's, 800's, well now its in the 900's. YUMMY !!

have fun ya'll


NEW ITEM on Sidebar

Frequently in the DGS Letter I refer to support levels, and ACQUISITION ZONES.

Today I installed at the top of the SIDEBAR section, a box for STOCKCONSULTANT.

You may enter up to 10 different symbols, and you will get 5 pages of technical data on that symbol.

The page I find useful is page 4, and it does a good job of listing various SUPPORT areas.
It also lists RESISTANCE areas, which again, for your basic robot, does a good job.

That it wont give you an upside target calculation is probably NOT of immediate concern to anyone as the SUPPORT and RESISTANCE info it yields is probably the most useful item they have.
It will give individual site visitors here 10 free symbols which will give you a look at their support and resistance levels, which IMO, is helpful. The up and downside objectives are based on the support and resistance levels, so you can make up your own Scientific Wild Guess as to where the objectives, upside and down, might be. I subscribe to some of their services as it helps me scan some sectors, but that is neither a recommendation or a condemnation.



I arrive at my SUPPORT LEVELS a little differently than Stock Consultant, but the results are similar, so that readers wanting to peek in a bit deeper, can at their leisure. ENJOY

Sunday, February 22, 2009

and now, Eleven Days Later

the Wilshire bottomed at 7600, after five consecutive down days on expanding volume, the liklihood is that it continues the bleedout, but IMO, I dont think the patient has a lot of blood left in him.


When you click on the link above and scroll the bottom of the "MARKET SUMMARY", you will see the "BULLISH %" for various Sectors. Today, these numbers fit well below Minus TWO Standard Deviations on the Bell Curve, or below the BOLLINGER BANDS. That is enuf to tell you they are so far underwater, the buoyancy is UP. Whether this translates into a serious rally, remains to be seen.

A number of wags have tried to make a case that the SUMMATION INDEX [ $NASI ] has gotten as high as approximately a value of - 200, which are about the peak for the last two years. This is cited as "Evidence" that this market MUST decline at this point. Such MIGHT Be the Outcome but that IGNORES potential for Reversal or Trend Change, as the Peak in March of '03, was well over 700. I do not claim this will be a bull market, BUT I will not ignore the POSSIBLITY of a tend reversal. Another group of wags, points to the sister index on Momentum [$NAMO], and cite it for evidence for their point of view. Right now the NAMO is 15% higher than its Nov 25th bottom and many, many of the Bullish % Indexes are extremely oversold postures. THIS does not mean a rally is DEMANDED, but it is the start of what I like to call INCUMBENT CONDITIONS, which often give rise to Rallies.

IMO> ignoring the potential, letting the pessism paralyze you, is probably the most dangerous thing you can do. The information to do the research is at your finger tips.

The 2/22 DGS Letter has been issued and has some sector list with some new entries. It is available in no charge subscription by email to "denaliguide2@yahoo.com".

Good Luck All,


Wednesday, February 11, 2009


YOU BE THE JUDGE - DID IT TEST THE BOTTOM SUCCESSFULLY - Did it establish a higher bottom ? A picture is worth a thousand words, yes?

Carry on !



As I drive down the Parks Hiway, on the way to Denali Park, we cross some beautiful stretches of black spruce. Smallish spruce trees, sometimes in patches so thick they are called "doghair spruce" for their tight spacing. They grow in low muskeg areas that will support trees, say, south of Nenana, between there and Anderson, Alaska. About 60 miles of "scenic spruce"' say 3 inches thick and about 6 feet tall. Sixty Miles by about 160 miles. Flat, boggy, spruce covered muskeg.

So scenic in fact my partner turns to me, and says "THERE IS NOTHING OUT THERE",which is so true, nothing you could use to mark the landscape. Doghair spruce as far as the eye can see.
White in winter, green and mosquity in sumer. Yet viewed from afar, with its blue, aromatic hydro carbon haze, it is something, it is out there. When you see the moutains in the background, and the Tanana River running thru it, it fits in like a puzzle.

For the last three weeks, this is the way the market has felt, bobbing up and down, breaking out to the upside and coming back testing the downside. As in foreshadowing, it keeps breaking to the upside, successfully testing its downside, showing me the bias is up. Breadthwise it has kept breaking to the upside and the wider indexes, such as VLE & WLSH are well above their previous lows. For example, the VLE established a low of 1016 during the end of NOV, and hit a higher low of 1255 around Jan 20, but has not gone lower. WLSH, which is more capitalization weighted established a low of 7340 in the same time as VLE and again, like VLE, in the same time frame has not gone lower than 8122, even now.

So the broader indexes have successfully established HIGHER Bottoms, and keep moving, no matter how slowly, grinding upwards, so slowly that it seems to us that "THERE IS NOTHING OUT THERE ". So just as those who closely examine the seemingly featureless boreal forest,


Look around, look closely, DYOHW.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

So I'd like to publish your PICKS, in COMMENTS

As I just came up with additions to the picks in the last post.

While it's late, I wont post them yet, as I want to supply some graphic's but if you'll each leave a pick or two on the comments [ half-toned "Comment" note, under blog ], I'll publish them either ANON or with your handle, as you like and we shall see what can come of this.

AS to the ones I publish plus the ones I am also now including, I can think of at least one fundamental flaw and probably one fundamental positive, but thats not how we found them. We found them with Technical Scans, and so we will publish their ID's based on Objective Technical Merit and no fundamentals.

Found some more pix from my Denali Park Collection, so I will publish them at the occasion allows.

Have a great night,


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Time to Saddle up for the Dance, here are the girls

Now is the time we have to prepare for the next move, which is starting NOW. I am starting my ACQUISTION Alert now.
AZK & RIC are Quebec Producers. MFN is my pick for the best in Open Pit Miners as to market behaviour, and FRG has both gold and U308 [ once it completes the Aurora acquistion].
ETQ broke out as I was writing the DGS Letter yesterday, and is, IMO, in possession of serious TECHNICAL Strength. GORO just keeps doing things right and the market is rewarding that.
KGN is a W.African mine developer in motion, and its stock is also. I cannot say that IAG's strength is unexplained but it's chart pattern is emphatic. MVG is my only choice in Silver, probably due to the quality of its mgmt moves in the face of Fresnillo, and its market action.

It could be that pending M & A activity is driving these Juniors, because I dont see proportionate moves in the Seniors notwithstanding their respective volatility.

Nice to own all 10 of these, but hey, if you could own one, and give your portfolio 10% stake in the PM's that'd be great.
We already have acquired opening positions and will be adding throughout the trend as it develops on time and price points. If I was starting from scratch, I'd pick 2 or 4 which fluctuate dissimilarly and alternate between them.

Time wise, I am expecting this trend to manifest in the next 72 hours [ market days ], and fluctuate but start, which will allow some to gain a foothold. Get a piece now and add to it, thats my simplest plan.

Ya'll have fun now, and fight nice.


Do you want Fries with your $HUI, your XLE or what

Yes the time is :, and now a word from our sponsors, OBJECTIVITY, TRUTH & PROFITS.
Where did that come from ? Well to be fair and to be clear, lets start with my sources.

What I try to do, here and in the DGS Letter is providing the RESULTS of TA without getting TECHNICAL.

A majority of what I provide in the way of stocks, comes from a series of scans from public websites, not only scans, but also, on timing, which is partially influenced by cycle material from a public cycles website. Sometimes the timing materials agree and we have confluence, and sometimes not, and we have divergence. Fibonacci Numbers dont play as big as a part as Fibonacci Dates, and Date Clusters. The preliminary results then get run thru a serious of technical filters, and you get to see some of those that make it thru.

Thats the front end.


Monday, February 2, 2009

TOM PETTY was RIGHT, "Waiting is the hardest Part " !!

and lest its got you all out of position, this waiting is no doubt KILLING YOU. ! ! ! THE SUSPENSE. GOLD is UP, MARKET is DOWN, now its UP, now GOLD is DOWN, crazy-making.

It will be the BRADLEY TURN DATES that come to my mind, and make me think we got from the END of this week, to the END of next week to see Decisive Resolution to these moves.

I am looking for extreme positions, oversold or overbought [depending on the item] and looking for imminent Trend Reversal, in and around those dates and that date window. So to take it step by step, I will be looking for my OverSold / OverBought Indicators to be in extreme positions, and for their respective [ ITEM ] MACD's to be flattening, and losing their previous momentum [ up or down ], and that about the time of the Bradley Turn Date of 2 / 8-9, maybe using next week as our window, to see turns in stuff like the GDX, HUI, XAU [ up is my guess ] and the $WLSH and $VLE, [ again, UP being my guess ]. To investigate this, I will be looking at the Breadth and the Breadth Trend & Momentum Models.

This GroundHog's Day, I am thinking I will be writing the DGS LETTER with an eye to REVERSALS. Right now, IMO, some of those "HARD - TO - BUY - STOCKS " are a little easier to buy, be vigilant and determine if and where you want to get in. !!