Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Update posted

so check your mail or group. Good Luck


HOW DO I KNOW, everything will be alright ?

YOU DONT ! ! but does it take a Weatherman to figure which way the wind is blowing ?

Since the Oct 27th BOTTOM it is evident that many of the quality "unknown" small caps have advanced a great deal. That tells you IN SPITE OF WHAT THE Talking Heads are spewing that people who KNOW something or have CONVICITION, have backed up their willingness to RISK with real money.

What are you thinking? For darn sure, IMO, you need to be thinking.

THINK, dont LISTEN, in this age you have the tools. Your brain is either your best friend or your worst enemy, YOU DECIDE, not Fox News.

For those who dont receive it, there is a good free quarterly review published by
Toby Hansen, which is available, upon request. I shall put his email address under the BLOG PRINCIPLES for your ease, also, which is : tobinator00@yahoo.com. It carries an article by myself and is available without charge.

In the meantime, THINK DONT listen to the Talking Heads -> basically, IMO they KNOW NOTHING, but read the copy they are given, and again, IMO, if you follow their lead you will be casualties in these INFO WARS.

In any case, Good Luck. I will be starting a Mentoring Class in the new year, so if you wish info, please contact me. Whatever your doing, make sure you have a great day !!!