Thursday, December 4, 2008

W Y "SEE" I W Y G, so Look DONT Listen ! !

"LOOK > Dont < LISTEN ! ! !"

So is that a CRASH of all the ADVANCING Issues MINUS the DECLINING ISSUES?

The blue line is a 34 day average of the momentum within that measurement, so it is
averaged, and buffered and insulated from sudden moves, but what does it show ?

Does what it shows match what the TALKING HEADS are SCREAMING ? IMO, NoT !!

Every card game has its "ACE-in-the-HOLE", it has its HOLD cards, and it has its DISCARDS. The trick is knowing where your hand fits. Unlike a card game, you can get NEW CARDS anytime you want, even tho the "DEALER" can reshuffle every hand if it wants to.

What I see is a Bear Market. What I see is a rally counter to the Bear Trend, at least for awhile. I have my ACES, I have my Hold Cards and I always take a few new cards on each go - round. I will be updating my links to reflect this.

The psychological impact of the media is staggering, and slams us constantly with a drumbeat of whatever news is in vogue. I purposely isolate myself from most of this and at times feel quite the idiot when someone informs me of some newsy tidbit I maybe have missed. Better I miss that tidbit and maintain what sanity I have left.

Do as you will, "WYSIWYG".