Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Eclectic Approach to Non-Rally

Well Investor's Business Daily has panned todays action as a Non-Rally basically because price and volume are displaying opposing trends. I agree, maybe.

I have basically spelled out that I think this is a bottom area , FOR A LOT OF ISSUES.

Notice " ...a bottom area....". Not THE BOTTOM. Not this stock or that stock, but a BOTTOM AREA for a LOT OF ISSUES. So I disagree with Investors Business Daily, maybe.

Here is a cut and paste of part of a technical scan that illustrates what is going on here, from tonite's scans:

P&F Triple Top Alerts (NYSE)
24 Nov 2008
Symbol Name Exch
BRL Barr Laboratories, Inc.
D Dominion Resources Inc
DEG Delhaize Group
EIG Employers Holdings Inc.
IEF 7-10 Year Treasury Bond Fund
NST Nstar
RYN Rayonier, Inc.
SRE Sempra Energy
TLT 20+ Year Treasury Bond Fund
VR Validus Holdings, Ltd.
XOM Exxon Mobil Corp.

There are barely any issues in that list that even tangentally relate to each other.

The bear list for the same formation is simply some of everything. At least in a Bull list, there ARE Sectors represented. Yet it would seem it would take Merlin to figure out the relationships btwn these issues, OR WOULD IT ?

To me, this list suggests the full blow potential for an Inflationary Depression, with Weimar Overtones, and a full dose of Finacial Instability, dressed with a large measure of Schizophrenic Volatility. IT whispers, Energy, Specie, Land, Govt Sec's, and Selected Survivors, to me. A similar list of mini-charts that I posted to UPDATES tonite, had that same twisted, tweaked quality, suggesting the possiblity of potential survivors who might thrive in the Post-Bubble-Crash environment.

Since I have begun to use Yahoo Groups for the Updates, the previous updates will be available to new UPDATE requesters.

This Post is not a DONT BUY. It is not an ALL CLEAR. IT is a HEADS - UP !

There are issues out there that will reward those who DYODD & DYOHW. Let this be your starting point. As of last count, there were 1034 ETF's, ETN's [ Long & Short] and Closed End Funds. l To Thrive & Prosper Financially is possible for those willing to work to obtain the knowledge, and do the work. A journey of 1,000 miles starts with but one step.

Good Luck, Be Vigilant,