Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday the THIRTEENTH - Wheew whoo ! !

Well as I was cruising my charts, comparing stock bottoms, I just pushed into my NatGas pix. Nice....... DOES IT GET ANY CLEARER ?

Paulson wants this, Congress wants that, Palin is gonna run for Senate, MAYBE.

Does any of this say BI-POLAR to anyone ? Whom's among us, has been there in 1936 ?

Doom and gloom as thick as it could be while war clouds wafted in over Europe.
Who was there in 1942, when the Allies were getting their butts whipped all over Europe and the Pacific? How about it, how many guys here knew about "Task Force Smith"
where virtually every able bodied American stationed in Japan was sent to Korea to repulse the "surprise attack" in 1950 ?

For every black psychological moment like this, there has been a lifting.

The most serious problem that faces anyone is the Psychological Paralysis that come from the Talking Heads, the Gathering of Guru's, the Tsunami of Text, the TEchNIcal ANalYsis Paralysis.

Most investors are numb and shell shocked, like baitfish slammed from pillar to post and back again, swimming in circles, easy prey.

Look at the above chart and ask yourself : " IS IT CLEAR ENUF YET ? "

Do you need a WeatherMan to tell you which way the wind is blowing ?

Is it just Nat Gas ? Or has the cash outflow from every sector, done exactly the same thing? Probably not exactly the same, not in the same time or same measure, but I bet if you DYODD, and DYOHW, you will find similarities.

If you dont know how to find them, drop me a note at "" and I will send you a couple ways to look for them.

Good Luck ya'll