Saturday, October 11, 2008


Well my friends, the walking wounded, we are still here, with lots of targets.

If this was a sweet benign happy environment, this stuff would be called LOW HANGING FRUIT. Well OK, so you have had a baptism by fire. For the more "Seasoned" amongst us, its the same drill. So you have those 20+ stocks I listed in links.

The website has some also. Plenty of targets. If you have ammo, its no honor finishing a major battle with excess ammo. So choose carefully, the tools are yours, and get "rockpile" positions, so like a crab inside a rockpile, no one can get at you.

See who flopped yesterday and who did "HOCKEY PUCK" Bounces. Find your support levels and see whom bounced off theirs. Set out some "stinky" bid orders and see what you catch. We landed a nice bunch of Kinross Warrants with some Stinky Orders for SCALE-IN purchases that were hit. Nice surprise. We were crazy busy shifting money, and in the end we are scarred not crippled.

This world is your oyster. Go get it .........