Saturday, September 27, 2008

the Masque

Usually in war, the first casualty is truth. I think in the war of Fiat Vs. Specie, this has never been more true.

"To every thing, there is a season........." or so says the verse from Ecclesiastis [SIC], and my paraphrase, "A Time to Buy, and A Time to Sell". Apparently this truth has either escaped many in the Specie camp, or simply been shelved. It certainly hasnt been lost on the PTB, as they have handled the GoldBugs time and time again, like the Green Bay Packers against a Pop Warner team of 10 yr olds, time and time and time again.

The rising wedge I pointed out, presaged a vacum that had formed underneath it that allowed the rise to 909 to be followed by a drop to 862. So 909 was place where I bought PUTS on an $XAU related item. Next I will have to find a TIME & Place to sell these Puts, reverse my field and buy CALLS. DO I have a TIME ? YES I DO. DO I have a PLACE ? NO I dont, but I have the next best thing, A DIRECTION and a point by which to recognize a REVERSAL !! TWO out of THREE is sufficient to get the job done. Also darned hard to come by. That is often the best hand you can get dealt in this game, an outside straight rather than an inside straight. When you are playing against probably the biggest and most informed money pools on the planet, whom always have the HOUSE Spread over you, you can figure your straight-on odds of success are less than theirs.

If you MUST know why a move occurs, I suggest you consider a Post Operations Intell search, for I dont believe I can know this in advance. I feel very fortunate to have a rough idea of WHEN, and even a hint of Where, but Best if I have DIRECTION and WHEN working for me --> Whats in your plan ??