Friday, September 19, 2008

a wee look into the projection looking glass

I noticed on the boards some people very worried they could only get insight for a price. I'd have to say, Insight always comes at a price. Even if you didnt get what you wanted from an experience, EXPERIENCE is what you got, and it is a hard teacher.
Experience charges each person for what they get. Loose $ 25,000 US in a commodities contract, when thats half your capital, and see if you ever repeat those mistakes again. Get tied up in a brokerage bankruptcy for half a year and watch your profits erode as your account is frozen. Fail to heed 'smart' operating practices when you take a position and suffer the pain at your leisure. Life is full of pitfalls and snares for both the unwary and experienced. AWARENESS is the opposite of denial, and therefore your FRIEND.

Yesterday, I would have to ask, was the TREND, anyone's Friend? When did it end?

Not that I was moved by the pleadings of so many seeking 20 or 40 years in an instant, in this electronic age, but rather as a contribution, and an illustration that is both possible and likely that one can learn how to work within the system we have, I publish this little snippet of my proprietary indicator for the $XAU index
[ Phila Gold & Silver Index ][ which roughly tracks physical GOLD ] as it projects the next short while. My main concept here is to illustrate that what took place in July can often forshadow what happens in September, which is how this dandy little projector, VIRAL, provides for a number of commodity sectors. Your invited to observe it and perhaps next week check it against what actually happens. Your mileage may vary, in that the lead time is inexact by a factor, usually + / - 2 days, but thats as close as I have been able to observe it.

In any case, 'till we meet again, Happy Trails.