Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Some days its just no fun, UNLESS

you got the Ace in the hole. In this case it'd be a map and compass.

"Dead reckoning" navigation is done by recognizing landmarks and the approximate distances between them. That is a far cry from the GPS Navigation. Even with a set of ranger beads and compass you could make a stab at it.

My observation of landmarks today will be the Relative Strength Studies I do weekly, trying to find which are the hills and which are the valley's.
In this I will list Groups in each Momentum Shift category, Positive and Negative.
My methodology is to choose groups where the shift is not drastic but subtle and continuing, hence the changes tend to work over time. Dissecting the sector for its strongest and weakest stocks can then yield candidates for all sorts of activities, dependent on your own style, and as always DYODD & DYOHW.

These groups in Alpahbetical order are:

Gaining Positive Momentum - > Computer Networking ; Glass Products ;

Protection/Safety ; Textiles - Apparel.

Gaining Negative Momentum - > Farm Machinery ; Metal Products & Fabrication ;

Medical Information Systems ; Paint & Related ;

Electric Power Utilities.

If I had to liken this to Land Navigation, I'd say the Trend Indicator would be the compass, the map would be the momentum group, and after some individual research, the individual issue selected would be the trail you follow. At that point you'd want to have some Technical Tools [ TA ] to help you on your journey.

Bon voyage,