Monday, September 1, 2008

ROAD TRIP ! ! ! Labor Day Weekend ? ! ? ! ? !

While I was most interested to see XAU [ the metal ] move a wee bit, I tried to remember if Labor Day was celebrated in the Commonwealth Countries. No matter, NO, I am not daft taking a 12 hour road trip on Labor Day Weekend ! ! Simply one business associate told me that my long awaited prize was ready for pickup, and LABOR DAY is the only day I can get it done ! Sound familar >? ?

I publish that here, so that no one HAS to continue checking here for posts, other than daily. Much to the heartburn of a few who know me well, I really dont change my opinions about trends, reversals, top zones, bottom zones and the like until I weigh all the most timely available evidence in the most expeditious manner AT A SPECIFIC TIME. Therefore, the information in the Summit Trend Update issued 9:30 Sat 8/30/08, [to those whoms subscribe to it ]will be valid [ if dated some ] until I issue a NEW Summit Trend Update.

I tend to publish UPDATES as conditions change, and therefore, can most easily reach those who subscribe [ and receive my promotions also ]. Reports will be issued via the subscription also, again as they are produced, rather than upon a specific schedule.

My private indicators are computed weekly and issued to Associates and Indicator Subscribers immediately. Details on these services are about to be published on my website, which is listed in the links.

Please be safe and enjoy the fruits of your labors on this Labor Day Weekend.