Saturday, August 23, 2008

One's reality, learning curve, life's lessons

Lets talk reality.

Ask Vietnamese who fled the COMMUNIST’s during the fall of Saigon in ’75. They brought little Tael’s of gold with them. They got VALUE, it was transportable. Some had platinum, they did a little better.

I experienced “Refugee Shock” in small measure when my home burnt 7 days before Christmas. An INTERNAL REFUGEE. No place to go, covered with the smell of the burnt plastics and fiberboard.
Tough, determined to go on, Post Traumatic Shocked out of my head, getting harder with each adverse development, only to break down incoherently when when the kindness of someone pulled me back from the brink.
What saved me ? ? ? Besides the support of friends and financial support of fire insurance, it was the things I’d stored in an outside shed about 100’ from my home.
Sleeping bags. A stupid used Black & Decker under counter coffee-maker. Comfort in a word. COMFORT.

Maslowe’s Hierchy of Needs, puts SECURITY right at the top. Composed of FOOD, CLOTHING, & SHELTER [ heat & thus ENERGY ], and WATER.

Gold is very low on that scale, UNTIL YOU NEED IT. Platinum. Silver. NO gems or rare postage stamps.

Remember “KILLING FIELDS” ? The Khmer Lieutenant had 3 or 5 $ US 20 Dollar FRN’s stashed in his wallet. Why ? It was NOT gold. IT WAS and IS recognized throughout the PLANET as a medium of exchange without severe discount.

Read this Article about DISCOUNT:

So in order to protect, without great burden, what do you do? Me? I have a greenhouse, and a garden, a pheasant cock bird and some Rhode Island Reds as his hens. I have a garden, compost pile and a swimming pool. A freezer, reliable electricity, and lots of firewood. That’s me. Whats you?

Speaking of anything other than a super power uptrend in precious metals seems to be heresy amongst the anti-fiat community, and that is understandable, but then those ideas are the philosophical rocks that this community dashes itself upon when the trends do not run in their favor. Thus my need for objectivity.

Do I not believe that HARD MONEY is the way to go? Very much I believe it. When my beloved wife and I married, the gifts we bought to exchange were the Silver One Ounce coins of our respective countries that be bought and exchanged outside Cook Travel in WhiteHorse,Yukon Territory. Sadly Cooks is out of that business in WhiteHorse now, but then again, the namesake of WhiteHorse has also been obliterated.
Those coins now exist inside a glass frame, each one flanking our wedding picture. We are quite unorthodox, but appear ‘normal.’, if you know what I mean………. So my HARD MONEY protection is enuf US silver 25 cent pieces to buy that many gallons of motor fuel, enuf silver denari [ dimes [ 10 cent pieces ]] to buy us bread, enuf implements to raise food, and tools enuf to defend us in gravest extreme until civil order be restored, if ever it leaves, in the terrane where we live. Soap - > now that is a Medium of BARTER. ! ! !

So fear not, should you not have gobs and gobs of money or savings with which to buy precious metals…….it aint necessary, just great if you can, but there are Other ways to BE PRUDENT.
The real BOTTOM LINE to Being Prudent, is to make sure you have handy access to those items necessary to the Affairs of Daily Living. That will give you peace of mind.

You don’t need a whole lotta money to start with. You need a surplus in your daily life and a brain that works. Not more.

Good Luck to All. Remember its all fun and games until someone loses an eye. THEN its SPORT.

Fight Nice, ya’ll, YA Hear ??

DG 8/23/08