Friday, August 22, 2008

WOW what a View, WHAT CAN YOU SEE?

Yes an unbelievable view. Probably 30 miles or 50 KM across that valley to the base of those other peaks. A crystal clear day. What can you see? This is a bit more than halfway into the Original Denali Park. We have just past Polychrome Pass, so named for for all the brilliant colors. The wispy clouds drop most of their moisture on the OTHER side of those peaks your seeing, leaving this the North side a bit drier, not that the griz or caribou mind alot, they like to move down the river plain, browsing as they go.

Its about a 2000 foot drop to the valley floor, and Marmot Rock which stands out in front of us here is the preferred perch for a pair of GYRFALCONS who both roost and nest around that rock. The marmots that live on Marmot rock are NOT the preferred prey, as they are a bit too large and dont fly. The GYR's like to take their prey in the air, in a several hundred MPH dive, killing or knocking their prey senseless with their balled talons, and catching their prize in midair. Ptarmigan are their most common prey, and they have developed SOME but not total defense against the GYR's. The GYR's are the white or black Arctic Falcons, prized by the wealthiest falconers throughout the world.

Rest assured, whether you see the GYR or not, THEY SEE YOU. The secret is in knowing where to look in advance of arriving on the observation post. They are fearless but wary, especially when they have their young. Golden Eagles are often seen frequenting the area, so, the GYR's are rightly wary..........

Does this apply to us ? Let see, gold is off its 1033 high, having fallen to 782, whoda thunk that to happen ? Should not oil react in ratio to that ?

While I "plan" to do an "Energy Price Projection" for a composite of OIL & NAT GAS,
perhaps some basic CANDLESTICK Charting would help. First, the basic trend, on say, a 200 day or 30 wk MA should be plotted with an MACD underneath. That would show most clearly in a weekly chart at least 2-3 years in length. Next some daily chart showing CANDLESTICKS would be in order.

IF I had just a very short time, I'd say, get a grip on the HAMMER formation. IT, to me has been a bit tricky to understand, but fortunately my good friend impressed on me THAT IT must OPEN Lower than the Candle to the LEFT CLOSED. The HAMMER [ to be meaningfully bullish ] MUST be the last candle in a DECLINING TREND. IF you properly spot a HAMMER, the next formation will likely be self explanatory.....

IF this chart posts, the HAMMER is the RED CANDLE, second from the RIGHT. This is an illustration, and not an endorsement, but I'd always say DYODD & DYOHW.

Anyone like $550 to $650 to be a Primary LOW for gold this year, with the 782 as the secondary low? I am thinking really hard about that.......Anyone play with CDY out there? I am so tempted to try it, but I was " In Like [ not in love ]" with it once before and got slapped before I even tried to steal a kiss, so I am leary....