Sunday, October 26, 2008

Back in the day, just this summer I wrote:

"The books are cooked, the money is queer, and the tape is painted". Obviously this was all borne out by the events of the last 30 days. At the 12K to 14K region it was obvious the "TAPE WAS PAINTED." At 7800 to 8800, this is not NOW the case.

"The MONEY is Queer". This is still true, but now everyone wants it so it is appreciating, not depreciating. Its good for awhile but not forever. Its part of the
"Fox & Hounds" tactical strategy the US Monetary Authorities use to bat both GOLD and the $USD in opposite directions in a well coordinated tennis match. It will continue.
If you want a mathematical model to show you how and where these points shift, please sign up for the UPDATES.

What is next? Well if this is a panic bottom [ My opinion, even if this only becomes a relief rally in a bear market ], then what comes after a bottom is an uptrend. GOT STOCK ? GOT GOLD? OBserve the TREND charts in the LINKS for clues.

My LINKS will be updated tonite, so that you can follow what I am : A/ Watching ;

B/ HOLDING; C/ Specific Lists are reserved for Associates..

Have fun, fight nice, stay alert.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Who was your mysterious partner for

the Rothschild Tango ?

Were they reluctant to get out there and dance as you both dodged falling stocks ?

What little treats and tidbits did you bite into? Yes, we got some, but we'd been

positioning for this number since September. Yes I will include some of them in the

links. They are necessarily few, because they survived the carnage very nicely,

thanks for asking. Let me proceed to beat a dead horse silly, also - > the ones that

survived were not only the best chart patterns, and way above support so that they

were not pounded down to break support, but they were way high in the relative

strength ratings also. There is a tri-partate theme running thru these issues, but

I will save that for later. The portfolio itself is a mix of stocks, options and

warrants, hopefully provide sufficient poise and balance to take us thru this next

stretch. Hope ya'll are stretching your minds too............

Good Luck To All,


Saturday, October 11, 2008


Well my friends, the walking wounded, we are still here, with lots of targets.

If this was a sweet benign happy environment, this stuff would be called LOW HANGING FRUIT. Well OK, so you have had a baptism by fire. For the more "Seasoned" amongst us, its the same drill. So you have those 20+ stocks I listed in links.

The website has some also. Plenty of targets. If you have ammo, its no honor finishing a major battle with excess ammo. So choose carefully, the tools are yours, and get "rockpile" positions, so like a crab inside a rockpile, no one can get at you.

See who flopped yesterday and who did "HOCKEY PUCK" Bounces. Find your support levels and see whom bounced off theirs. Set out some "stinky" bid orders and see what you catch. We landed a nice bunch of Kinross Warrants with some Stinky Orders for SCALE-IN purchases that were hit. Nice surprise. We were crazy busy shifting money, and in the end we are scarred not crippled.

This world is your oyster. Go get it .........


Friday, October 10, 2008

Dow in Gold terms, holdings.

It looks like the Dow has IN REALITY done a serious decline. The actual drops NOW are big in dollars but small in gold. Gold wise I am in the Kinross warrants, and some NGD.

My core holdings now are UFI, LZB, BXC. Energy holdings are GST, GSX, KRU, XLE.

Good Luck To All,



Below is a direct Cut and Paste from Yahoo Finance @ 9:44 EDST. Does it look like a panic, a rout ?

Above is a chart of the DOW divided by $GOLD. Seems to me, at least in Japanese Candlestick Theory, that Reversal Formations occur at the end of a trend. I do believe that this chart shows the trend clearly, for me at least.

In the links later today I will add my CORE holdings, plus one or two kickers in energy and precious metals. Oh yes, I have been hammered along with everyone else.

ATX 1,931.45 9:28AM ET Down 229.91 (10.64%) Components, Chart, More
^BFX BEL-20 2,070.88 9:41AM ET Down 170.00 (7.59%) Chart, More
^FCHI CAC 40 3,105.92 9:28AM ET Down 336.78 (9.78%) Chart, More
^GDAXI DAX 4,397.94 9:28AM ET Down 489.06 (10.01%) Chart, More
^AEX AEX General 254.36 9:41AM ET Down 27.61 (9.79%) Chart, More
^OSEAX OSE All Share 287.20 9:28AM ET Down 23.53 (7.57%) Components, Chart, More
^MIBTEL MIBTel 15,362.00 9:41AM ET Down 1,157.00 (7.00%) Components, Chart, More
^IXX ISE National-100 77.76 Sep 22 0.00 (0.00%) Chart, More
^SMSI Madrid General 960.05 9:40AM ET Down 106.05 (9.95%) Components, Chart, More
^OMXSPI Stockholm General 195.52 9:43AM ET Down 13.03 (6.25%) Chart, More
^SSMI Swiss Market 5,320.17 9:41AM ET Down 478.67 (8.25%) Chart, More
^FTSE FTSE 100 3,924.73 9:28AM ET Down 389.07 (9.02%

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Time for the Rothchild Tango ?

Well if you'd rather cuddle up with two or three little rabid, manegy polecats or vermin around a nice warm fire, rather than buy common stocks, this might be the moment to look at it AGAIN. HINT - > If you havent used the FORCE Indicator on, well you might want to play with it tonite. LET THE "FORCE" BE WITH YOU....


Macbeth,Act 4, Scene 1 Enter THREE Witches - >

" .....Hell broth."

"Double, double, toil and trouble, Fire burn, and cauldron bubble", no not Halloween but another busy day on Wall Street.

Apparently the Main Streeters are sharpening their pitchforks up to have at the Wall Streeters. No, not in the streets of AnyTown USA, nor in the Safeway, nor Kroger nor Loblaws. Nope, probably more like your bank or credit union, will be the "revolting" scene when your Home Equity Credit Line is shut down or restricted.

"Wars, and rumors of wars", a quote from the Christian Bible, tells of peoples troubles and rumors stirring fear.

The reality is, even tho REAL [ not dollars ] incomes reached their peak in North America in 1973, life has merrily moved on.

If your not in your cabin, cottage or bunker with a year's worth of ammo, fuel and freeze-dried tofu, well, you might as well, with the rest of us, come smell the coffee and find some trends from which you can profit.

The world is changing, not ending, so the more it changes, the more it stays the same. Yes the money has gone down the rabbit hole, yes. If you cant fit down the rabbit hole, we will have to find another means of obtaining dinner. Snares, nets, spears, what? You know, risk creates oppurtunity, but that doesnt mean you have to take crazy risks.

Find a niche, study it, develop it, excel at it. The laurels in this world dont go to the faint of heart, nor will they last in the hands of the crazy reckless ones.
Be incisive, clever, observe, and learn. Its your oyster........



For your viewing pleasure I am adding more links, enjoy.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Double Down? Double Up?

Now I pose a number of options as regards the dollar denominated price of gold:

Halved ? Doubled? Tripled? Quadruple? My research suggests that three of those

four proposed numerical changes are before us, and I expect that scenario to start

unfolding within approximately a fortnight, as I am monitoring it. My associates are

positioning for the first part of the move, and will be watching the developments.

Here on the blog, I post some information that could help readers participate in

the changes as they unfold. Associates are able to position as much as they are

comfortable, so they can realize the benefits as the events unfold without the need

to react.

Stay vigilant during this next fortnight, as the situation will develop and if you

watch you should be able to position beforehand, rather than chase the developments.


Subscribe to the Blog

and that way you dont have to check in every hour on the hour to see if I have posted.

My posts are to help you develop your own insights. I dont do any real projections

on the Blog. I do from time to time, post snippets of my projection graphics, in order to present framework for guidance.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

TWO MORE THINGS, and a new objective

THOUGHT #1: Should have gold, given all the
premises and contentions we accept as true, have achieved, and broken
thru the 1000 plateau and stayed there by now, given the horrendous
circustances we have ALREADY experienced ? Manipulation you say?
I say NOT from from $253 to 1033, NOT, NOT, NOT ! That it only ONLY
hit the 1033 mark in the ASIAN session tells me a lot, and then has
been unable to climb the hill. If you say that is manipulation, then
you accept that the rise from 253 to 1033 is also Manipulation !
IMO, there is something more, that we dont see.

THOUGHT #2 : The sharpest guy I know, suggested, along with the
more popular Steve Saville, that commodities were gonna 'cool it'.
My Mr.Sharpguy, however, suggests that commodities are dead money
until 2010. Scary thought isnt it. Now I stirred up very much dust
over at GoldTent, and even got an attack article aimed at me titled
"Objectivity or Negativity ?", when I suggested the Good News Bad News
scenario I developed. Simply it says : The GOOD NEWS is that the
GOLD BULL cannot be BROKEN, because, [ THE BAD NEWS ] the Super Long
Term Support is at $450. [ More fun News is my newest price objective
for Long Term Gold ].

Given Thoughts #1 & #2, I will be NOT buying and holding but using
my private indicators to try to stay on the right side of what I think
the Intermediate trend.

OH not I havent published that new objective, YET.


Two New things, and one scary one

ONE: I have enable comments, to attempt to know what ya'll think.

TWO: you will find a FEEDJIT box at the bottom of the page. If you wish NOT to participate, simply hit "OPTIONS" and tell it to IGNORE your browser.

Scary thing: Gold 828 as I write this.



I enlarged this, a bit for betting viewing. LOL but it didnt work, so please click on the image to enlarge it.

I think it was a RISING WEDGE as it occured at the top of a rise, and since gold is in the 850's as I write this, this would be logical. Meanwhile I expect the fall in gold to be temporary as per my UPDATE, but I dont as yet, and might never have a downside target. For the exact timing I tend to lean on my mechanical indicators.

Have fun Ya'll,


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Alert UPDATE amendment

for those who subscribe and got todays's update, I want to amend my timing by saying, after reviewing some GAP analysis, I might need to extend my window period ONE Week.
The rest of the sequence remains as I published it.


The Most Dangerous Time


Traveling in a white-out is probably the most dangerous time I have experienced in ground or air travel. Combine that with intense auroral activity in an aircraft and you might as well fly blindfolded. More commonly you start out down the road with a threat of a storm, but you must go, or so you think. The visibility keeps reducing. Fingers of snow snake across the road in ground blizzards, but pretty soon you are trying to navigate by the shoulder markers, and as the light grays out, they disappear. If all you have is ditches on either side of you, well that’s not as bad as being on Eagle Summit, with a 1,700 foot drop off when you steer off the shoulder. One vehicle operator I knew had sufficient concern for his personal safety, to exit his vehicle in ZERO VISIBILITY to crawl down the road to find the chain marks in the glare ice road surface, so he could maintain a safe distance from the shoulder. One driver’s body, who apparently did not, was recovered from an Alaska Dept. of Transportation Plow Truck, about a mile down the 30% incline, reduced to half height by the one mile roll over after roll over down the rock slope. The case is this: If you have sufficient regard for your safety, personal or financial or otherwise, you are a survivor. If you take in the Torrents of Text, and it doesn’t have horse sense for you, you might have to get down and find out where the chain marks on the road warn you away from danger

Because we are in choppy bottom area, as to TA and such, you might as well be flying up north, in a auroral storm, watching your instruments spin uselessly round and round.
Any number of alternate methods can work, but you have to have practiced using them before the time at hand REQUIRES you use them.

And now, was it a flag unfurling from a flag pole, or was it a rising wedge ? Apparently to have a bearish signal, according to basic short term Japanese Candlestick theory, or so I am told, you must have a sign at the top of a rise. Therefore, I saw it as a Rising Wedge. Apparently the flag never unfurled, nor was run up the flagpole. Not that the flag is at half mast, for, we are now at not one but perhaps three or four confluences of cycles and tides which are pulling Gold, and hence all Gold derivatives, hither, thither and yon. Combining time cycles, price cycles and money flows, soon my accounts will be long gold and gold related issues and stay long for awhile.

The Energy Complex isn’t that far off these marks, but will require slightly differing timing. “Your actions demonstrate your beliefs.” IF I am riding the First Wave, and there is a Second Wave, my trail stops will take me out profitably. If I am riding the Second Wave, my trail stops will take me out profitably. I am of two minds as to whether this the First or Second Wave, but am playing it the same way for both.

Because we are in choppy bottom area, as to TA and such, you might as well be flying up north, in a auroral storm, watching your instruments spin uselessly round and round.
Any number of alternate methods can work, but you have to have practiced using them before the time at hand REQUIRES you use them.

Those receiving Alert UPDATES will get notice in a timely manner, and my associated accounts will be pre-positioned before the move [ as I know them to be ] actually get underway. I act pre-emptively & pro-actively, rather than trying to react to changes. As I opined before, the TREND is NOT your FRIEND, when IT ENDS.