Saturday, September 27, 2008

the Masque

Usually in war, the first casualty is truth. I think in the war of Fiat Vs. Specie, this has never been more true.

"To every thing, there is a season........." or so says the verse from Ecclesiastis [SIC], and my paraphrase, "A Time to Buy, and A Time to Sell". Apparently this truth has either escaped many in the Specie camp, or simply been shelved. It certainly hasnt been lost on the PTB, as they have handled the GoldBugs time and time again, like the Green Bay Packers against a Pop Warner team of 10 yr olds, time and time and time again.

The rising wedge I pointed out, presaged a vacum that had formed underneath it that allowed the rise to 909 to be followed by a drop to 862. So 909 was place where I bought PUTS on an $XAU related item. Next I will have to find a TIME & Place to sell these Puts, reverse my field and buy CALLS. DO I have a TIME ? YES I DO. DO I have a PLACE ? NO I dont, but I have the next best thing, A DIRECTION and a point by which to recognize a REVERSAL !! TWO out of THREE is sufficient to get the job done. Also darned hard to come by. That is often the best hand you can get dealt in this game, an outside straight rather than an inside straight. When you are playing against probably the biggest and most informed money pools on the planet, whom always have the HOUSE Spread over you, you can figure your straight-on odds of success are less than theirs.

If you MUST know why a move occurs, I suggest you consider a Post Operations Intell search, for I dont believe I can know this in advance. I feel very fortunate to have a rough idea of WHEN, and even a hint of Where, but Best if I have DIRECTION and WHEN working for me --> Whats in your plan ??



Friday, September 26, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

NOW Let the Games Begin ! ! !

Now even tho I had thought of this contest BEFORE the PTB at a certain site BANNED me yet again, I thought it would be nice to have this contest, since apparently after observing graphics on this site, one well known conmentator adjusted the direction and measure for a certain commodity. I am glad, since as I am off that board, no one could get a link to the blog and until the board master altered his pronouncement, all would not have understood the change in projection.

THE CONTEST : Please identify the chart contained on my links, which has
a RISING WEDGE. The RISING WEDGE is Manifest on September 24, 2008.

THE PRIZE : Consulting Session, FREE, 15 minutes. My call, w/i N.America.

THE RULE : First one to E-Mail Denaliguide with the NAME OF THE LINKED CHART GROUP, and the CHART, to " ", wins the consulting session.
PRIZE VALUE : Priceless.

Ya'll have fun and fight nice. PUBLISHED 5 PM 9/24/2008. CONTEST ENDS N.L.T 9/30/08


What can we rely ON? Facts & Figures, as GRAPHIC

I'd name this chart but I dont think it needs that. Basic Chart Reading Skills, should help you OBJECTIVELY determine your decision. I dont think you need any input from me. No TEXT, No Guru, No Interpretation, No Finesse, at least thats my take.

Good Luck To All.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

What can we rely upon ?

The Oath of Arbroath, updated for this topic and this time:

For as long as any number of us remain standing, never we will on any conditions relinquish our freedom to rule by these evildoers who wormed their way into ascent by the devious means of defrauding people of control of their money. Money is freedom and belongs to the people. Legal Tender is the property of the Pretender Usurpers, and used to fraudulently obtain power bit by bit, eroding the self-evident human rights, forcing people to trade freedom for security, financial and otherwise. This why do what we do.

Straight, cold turkey, stone cold objectivity is our Sun, the great beacon by which we can navigate under all conditions without other assistance. It is the one tool of resistance that we can always rely upon. OBJECTIVITY, no matter who likes it..........

The tools are at your disposal.....




to which I'd say, probably the thing that gave Caesar more of his victories than anything else, was an understanding of when to pursue relentlessly, and NOT rest, until he has secured victory and decimated a fleeing foe. Resting was probably the easiest thing to do and the wrongest thing too ! ! !

“Well NOW isn’t that a revolting development?” Oh I can remember asking myself that question, in the face of shifting facts.
Just when you thought you found “EASY STREET, the borough comes out, takes down the street signs and post a new name, like John Henry Blvd., and when you ask the sign crew, they tell you that THAT street name has been shifted down btwn the junkyards and the river. Isnt that always the way it is ?

Now that those nasty boys in the PTT & PTB have had their nose’s bloodied by the failure of both Wall Street and Main Street institutions and confirmed by GOLD’s [ the metal ] spike to 925 from 740, we are on Easy Street, right to 1,000 and beyond for both the Gold Metal and the Gold Mining Stocks, Right ?

Well, now I invite you to sign up for the Up-Dates here, as that is where I will post the graphics that I hope will shed some light on the above contentions. I do NOT invite ACCEPTENCE of the premises put forth, merely consideration. I am sure they will be at the high end of the deniability scale, but I hope everyone will merely contemplate the information provided in the UPDATE.

The quote I like best is: " Be not concerned at others opinions of the market, but rather the OPINION of the MARKET".

Nuff said. Now, do I remember HUGE pronouncements that the US DOLLAR

" COULD NOT " reach 81 ? I will spare you all the rest of the commentary.

NOW that we have Established that IT COULD reach 80, we must CONSIDER:

IF I had to describe it, from one of the Stock Chart Scans, I'd call the UUD ETF for the $US Dollar [ UP ], as OVERSOLD with an Improving RSI

From my perspective it looks as if it is in compression from a correction and recoiling. You can DYODD & DYOHW and draw your own conclusions.

NOW LETS harken back to several others way smarter than me, and ask
ourselves, as in math class, is our answer reasonanble ?

A respected guy oft quoted here, predicted the much maligned and hated US Dollar could climb over 90, and IF I remember right, wasnt he the say guy who called for its climb BEFORE it hit 76 ?
Given that, IS it REASONABLE to look at the facts so far, and see WHAT PATTERNS they Might fit, BEFORE we impose OUR Pattern on the facts?

FACT #1 : US DOLLAR in some kind of UPTREND.
FACT #2 : Several technical projections allow for potential
upside targets far in excess of any
FACT #3 : Major support for GOLD [ the metal ] exists SOOO LOW

FACT #4 : FACTS # 1, 2 & 3, are so upsetting to the
"ACCETPTED MINDSET" in the hard money
Community, that the rate almost 100% on the Denial Scale.

The hard facts and the graphics will be in the UP-Dates, sent to those signed up, and my associates, today, so they will be NEWS you Can use by MONDAY.

I post this here, because this is where my loyalty is, and if you are on the Up-date List, you will have it FIRST.

> Whats in your wallet ?
> Whats on your List today ?

Ya'll fight nice, cause its all fun and games til someone loses an eye and then its sport.........


Friday, September 19, 2008

a wee look into the projection looking glass

I noticed on the boards some people very worried they could only get insight for a price. I'd have to say, Insight always comes at a price. Even if you didnt get what you wanted from an experience, EXPERIENCE is what you got, and it is a hard teacher.
Experience charges each person for what they get. Loose $ 25,000 US in a commodities contract, when thats half your capital, and see if you ever repeat those mistakes again. Get tied up in a brokerage bankruptcy for half a year and watch your profits erode as your account is frozen. Fail to heed 'smart' operating practices when you take a position and suffer the pain at your leisure. Life is full of pitfalls and snares for both the unwary and experienced. AWARENESS is the opposite of denial, and therefore your FRIEND.

Yesterday, I would have to ask, was the TREND, anyone's Friend? When did it end?

Not that I was moved by the pleadings of so many seeking 20 or 40 years in an instant, in this electronic age, but rather as a contribution, and an illustration that is both possible and likely that one can learn how to work within the system we have, I publish this little snippet of my proprietary indicator for the $XAU index
[ Phila Gold & Silver Index ][ which roughly tracks physical GOLD ] as it projects the next short while. My main concept here is to illustrate that what took place in July can often forshadow what happens in September, which is how this dandy little projector, VIRAL, provides for a number of commodity sectors. Your invited to observe it and perhaps next week check it against what actually happens. Your mileage may vary, in that the lead time is inexact by a factor, usually + / - 2 days, but thats as close as I have been able to observe it.

In any case, 'till we meet again, Happy Trails.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

SWAN LAKE ? DEADMAN's LAKE, Alphabet Soup?


Well you know how that goes, until the STAR sings………..and now the goldbugs are singing, full of delight at the revenge that is being visited upon the markets and evil manipulators………. Or could this be a market fluctuation. Or is this SWAN LAKE ?

Beings that this particular market gyration left its prints, like bears breaking out of hibernation do in the early spring snows, on my charts between July 7th and July 21st, it is hard to put this down to “manipulation”. As to who the STAR is, in this case, and whether she is singing about BLACK SWANS, or what I learned at Deadman Lake, about 115 airmiles NW of Fairbanks via Floatplane one summer, will be elucidated here, sometime.

I think the author of this particular song, could be named AlphaBet Soup. BOJ, BOC, BOE, ECB, FED, US TREAS, are but a few of the players. Don’t forget the orchestra playing the “ROTHCHILD TANGO” in the background as we all file into this opera performance.

It is my opinion that about one calendar quarter has elapsed since the usual suspects named executed their “co-ordination” program, for if I remember right that is when the anomalies surrounding the Swiss Franc surfaced. That was a nice ride, the Spread on the Currency Pair USD vs. Swiss Franc, and GBP vs. Swiss Franc. Not unlike bull riding as seldom could one hang onto a short term position more than the requisite 8 seconds [ 8 hours in the currency markets or thereabouts ]. And indeed the waves did make the minutes seem like hours.

Apparently what we have here is a failure to communicate, in that we could all see the signs, and feel the change in the pattern of the ground swells. Not too different than how the WW I flyers flew “by the seat of their pants”. Intuitive. Except that we are numbed-out being overwhelmed by the TORRENTS of TEXT.

Nelderand does a nice job of illustrating how it works, but to shorten it, the Powers That Be are playing INFLATION < - > DEFLATION ping pong with the markets hoping to keep either one from getting a good grip until they have all the lifeboats filled. AS YOU REMEMBER, there were three times as many passengers on the TITANIC as Lifeboats, and really nothing for all those is steerage. Not that it mattered, as those destined to survive, DID.

That you have a lifeboat is not as important as being in a position of safety. Aboard a lifeboat, provisioned and orderly away from the carnage was the safest spot, and is now, IMO, and therefore, reaping some profits here and stepping back will be the safest method to follow. An UPDATE will follow to those signed up before the Close of Business with as I trim and balance myself for the next gyration, and you will have time enuf to decide if you choose to do likewise.

Till then, Happy Trails, DG

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Were you dancing the "Rothchild Tango" to the

rattle of the M-60 machine guns today, as "they" decimated the market ?

Was this an "L" shaped ambush that caught all the unknowing in a withering cross-fire ??

I noticed how Joe mentioned that this was "textbook". I noticed how someone else

noted it was impossible to define or detect this situation because Technical Analysis

"couldnt work" under these circumstances. How true were either of these statements?

Anyone remember the "Hindenburg Omen" warnings this spring ? It really made me recall

the weeks preceding 911, when after going short the week ending 8/23/2001 on some

of the TA techniques in use by "S" [ a service I subscribed to back then, and

subsequently learned the basic's from which I evolved my indicators ], and then

I started to notice Insurance Companies, Oil Companies and Airlines behaving badly,

totally out of context with what "scripted" to be going on. Subsequent events

showed me exactly what was "wrong". Three thousand people dead, more casualties

than Pearl Harbor. Quite memorable, cause I remember everything about that day, and

the month thereafter. Today wasnt much different, except if you knew the tsunami

was coming, you were on high ground with enuf dry powder to get you through.

We had dry powder, and there were lots of fish stranded by this tsunami. Thats

why we had a stack of bushel baskets to fill. The week isnt over, but we still have

lots of bushel baskets left. The signs are all around you, the ultra low tides,

the sea birds, the fact that the crickets have gone silent, and the squirrels are

scolding the bear for all they are worth as they pad thru the forest towards their

next meal on unwary investor's bones.

The strongest groups gave NO ground today. The groups in neutral bouyancy last

week, turned up and began to swim upstream like salmon.

The real story is this is all laid out, by the technicals. Its dead reckoning at

its best - > the reason ? Because if you had a GPS they whom control it had

slowly been loosening the guidance parameters until they were off by a full

declination and degraded accuracy to + / - 10% instead of the usual 5 meteres.

Since we are in the middle of a magnetic storm in the Arctic, your compass turned

useless, spinning like a weathercock in gale. The only thing left was celestial

navigation, and if you were whited-out in a storm, only a good lead dog could get

you to safety. Trusting anyone but your team leader and yourself, Ended Badly.

The sad part ? It never had to be this way. Too many words, too much text,

too many gurus. Keep it Simple, Strong & Agile. "Agile, the HERD is NOT", but

you can be.

Sadly, I notice all the time, so many: " How far do you think it will go ?" "Where is the Bottom / Top ?" " When do you think the Top / Bottom will be ?".

From as best as I can tell, many feel uncomfortable unless someone agrees with them, and validates their reasoning.

Working on the premise that I am capable of logic, and understanding, I am very comfortable in my own research, in fact, so comfortable, that it makes some uncomfortable. I do like to know if someone more or less agrees with me, but has
arrived at that conclusion by a differnt methodology. The best I can do is go by
my TA and indicators. What I have found, is that if I can find the turning points, and be on the right side of that turn, then it makes it easier for me to pick the
next turn. I think the old proverb that I really like is : " A thing well bought,
is half sold.", meaning that if you enter right [ short or long ], then exiting profitably, [ short or long ] is much more likely.

If you will trust your intellect and intuition, and use them together, IMO, you wont have to be caught in the " L " shaped ambush.

Using some of the tools and techniques used in Rational TA, can turn days like this into a serious "READY ? SET ! GO ! ! ! " launch of you investment portfolio, where you can be Postive and GREEN on a week when the market tanks for 1000 points.

Whether it is the glacier-fed 2 Degree "C" Sheenjik River, bottom strewn with a hidden field of basketball sized and shaped boulders that threatens to turn and break your ankle 300 miles north of Fairbanks, and 50 miles from the closest human,
or a mother moose with ears laid back, nostrils flared and eyes red with rage, the right KNOWLEDGE is is the Right Stuff ! The wilderness of investments or the North
are equally dangerous without a guide, two or four legged. Our Summit Trend Alerts can be a trailhead, and a good start. The Summit Trend Letter is a trail guide and available through the website as are education, consulting, and instruction. We'll be glad to assist when you contact us.

Happy Trails, until we meet again,


Monday, September 15, 2008

Right out of "Apocolypse NOW"

I'd step out of my arctic entry about 7 AM getting ready to motor into town, and listen to the comforting rattle of the 7.62 X 51 MM rounds spitting out of the M-60 Machine guns on the Six Mile range. Later you'd hear the "whup", "whup" of the mortars, from our lads on Ft. Wainwright as they honed their skills. The 5.56 mm M-16's hardly registered because we were within 5 miles but the ground was flat and covered with black spruce and white birch.

Such a comforting feeling, yet to some, disconcerting. Thats what it felt like today. Merrill bought out last night by BOA, with its private access to the FED Window. LEHMAN left, like so much carrion for the dogs. Watching AIG auto insurance commercials, knowing they are tantamount to bankrupt. Knowing they are all walking dead. Zombies.

So what makes it comforting ? Having cash ? Knowing what sectors were gaining momentum as fortunes shift. Knowing how to do the "ROTHCHILD TANGO" ?

Maybe it is knowing the script, not feeling like we have to guess, watching the projections become manifest. Feeling like, not that we were in control but rather we had the ways and means to navigate this treacherous territory, the means to find food, clothing and shelter. The rest of this week will bring more seemingly terrible events, but if your prepared they wont be so terrible, just new opportunities you have been preparing for.

Maybe some "NEWS YOU CAN USE" would help. Getting on top of the curve rather than under it.



Update 9/06 released on Website.

Follow the website link on the right side hear if you want to see what the news you could have used last week was. Sign up if you want to get that news while you can still use it and it is still news.

I Publish it as "NEWS YOU CAN USE" because I was tired of : 1/ Hearing "Guru's" tell me what had ALREADY happened ; 2/ Listening to "Guru's" that it would "Go up if it didnt go down" ; 3/ And I was through with reading "Torrents of Text" and ending up more confused than before I started. No Promises, No Hurt Feelings, just the best, briefest, and quickest summation of what appears the most likely projections from my studies.

Good Luck Ya'll, and sign up if you like. Its free, even it does carry the occasional ad for services.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rip Tide

Sometimes you just feel like a little fish tossed about by colliding currents. Tidal Rip's are the angler's terminolgy where two currents meet in opposition and throw all former trending movements into seemingly unpredictable confusion. Woe betide the small fish in there, but BIG FISH love it, it is a buffet table full of treats.

Let see, Russia invades Georgia, and gold drops. China apparently cooperates with Paulson, and the plan, beginning right after July 4th, has the dollar rallying almost into Christmas of this year. The Aden Sisters publish what is easily interpreted as a bearish take on PM's, tantamount to throwing in the towel. The flow of investment capital into Russia STOPS. The Oil Bloc begins the tidal movement of money back into dollars.

Little fish here are running hither, thither and yon, trying to find safe heaven, cover or at least concealment. Seemingly a very confusing situation.

Here is where I think we stand. I think Gold has bottomed. I think the US Dollar and Gold, will rally here at least the Presidential Election. I think McCain wins.

Thats about all I think I can say here, for now. Typical of rip tides and bottoms, some of my instruments are spinning like a weathercock in a gale. Others are steadily pointing In-Trend. What I will say, is that I think the Aden call will result in the WhipSaw of the Decade. I prefer to stay attuned to the intermediate trend, as there is better per centage there in being on the correct side of trends either shortly they turn. Trend Following is ALWAYS WRONG at TURNS. ITs fun till then, but THE TREND IS NOT YOUR FRIEND AT THE END.

If you'd like a closer and more timely look at what I am doing, please sign up for our FREE Summit Trend Updates.

One last note - > You see I take NO paid advertising on my blog, BUT I do FEATURE
Kiva - > which I feel is a great way, thru micro-financing, to help others help themselves. Lacking a better way to say it, "there but for the grace of God, go I" is what I figure and I am glad and proud to sponsor them. Please visit their site, and see what they do. I lent thru them because I want to share, so please go take a look if you like.

Until we meet again, Happy Trails to you all,


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Some days its just no fun, UNLESS

you got the Ace in the hole. In this case it'd be a map and compass.

"Dead reckoning" navigation is done by recognizing landmarks and the approximate distances between them. That is a far cry from the GPS Navigation. Even with a set of ranger beads and compass you could make a stab at it.

My observation of landmarks today will be the Relative Strength Studies I do weekly, trying to find which are the hills and which are the valley's.
In this I will list Groups in each Momentum Shift category, Positive and Negative.
My methodology is to choose groups where the shift is not drastic but subtle and continuing, hence the changes tend to work over time. Dissecting the sector for its strongest and weakest stocks can then yield candidates for all sorts of activities, dependent on your own style, and as always DYODD & DYOHW.

These groups in Alpahbetical order are:

Gaining Positive Momentum - > Computer Networking ; Glass Products ;

Protection/Safety ; Textiles - Apparel.

Gaining Negative Momentum - > Farm Machinery ; Metal Products & Fabrication ;

Medical Information Systems ; Paint & Related ;

Electric Power Utilities.

If I had to liken this to Land Navigation, I'd say the Trend Indicator would be the compass, the map would be the momentum group, and after some individual research, the individual issue selected would be the trail you follow. At that point you'd want to have some Technical Tools [ TA ] to help you on your journey.

Bon voyage,


Saturday, September 6, 2008

IS IT a BULL or is IT a BEAR

Simple, Quick Objectivity could help.

Usually the mind can only absorb what your butt can tolerate. Both ends go numb at the same time. Lotsa people told me that !! What is sadder, I learnt it for myself, just reading, reading, reading all everyone had to say. I learned lots, and came up with the "Tsunami of Text" [ TOT ] from the "Gathering of Guru’s" [ GOG ]. I ended up poorer and more tired than ever before, physicall, mentally, financially. I got sad, then mad, and realized that the answer was both within my reach and right before me. No " 'GOG' 'TOT' " could help me.

How did we get overwhelmed by the "GOG" and "TOT" ?
OK, one last acronym, please ?
How about T.A.P.? [ no, not Trans-Alaska-Pipeline ! ], but rather " Technical Analysis Paralysis" ?
Who can make a decision when one Respected Analyst who got it right last year is calling for a historic low, and Respected Analyst II who got it right the turn before that, is calling for a helluva bull run ? Not only did I go to bed with my eyes hurting and my head swimming, and my account whipsawed.

For me the answer is Simplicity. Measuring things. Not listening to what otherss say, but paying attention the MARKET DOES. Looking at the numbers. Watching the movements. Like sitting out in the woods and listening to what the squirrels and whiskey jacks were telling me. Watching the ravens try to show me which way they wanted me to go.
Here objectivity is accomplished by observation, contemplation, using the “Stillness” around you. ‘Stillness’ lets the realities percolate into our minds. Realities, plural, because life is full of uncertainties. Uncertainty brings along the need to plan. One uncertainty probably spawns a plan with two or more possibilities, and so forth…….for our reality can be feel like an elephant being examined by nine blind humans, each could come up with a differing ‘observation’ from their senses. Knowing this, you plan. The sort of thing that says, If ‘A’ is thru, then proceed, if ‘A ‘ is not true, then we go to ‘ B ‘ and examine that. Usually its an “Either / Or “ situation.

Back to Brevity. I remember working with Steve S. at a communication facility on the East Coast. His favorite fantasy opening, for difficult customers [ and only he would have the chutzpah to say it ! ] was : “Whats your beef, keep it BRIEF ! ? ?”
I learned from that to keep my observations and plans to one simple sentence each, the old K.I.S.S. Forumla [ Keep It Simple, Stupid ! ].

Simple, Quick, Easy. As many times as we have been marketed with those words, they are my model for Objectivity. No point in jumping thru all the hoops if it is so complex we forget where we started, what our objectives were, and The Rules, All those RULES.

K.I.S.S. me is all I can say.

The best thing I can say here is that Jim Sinclair has a good set of Strategy & Tactics, and some of my models contained elements of them before I even knew he had them.
PLAN ‘ A ‘ might be if it’s a BULL ; PLAN ‘ B ‘ might be if it’s a bear.

PLAN ‘ C ‘ might be if we cant tell.

Personally I like PLAN “ C “, because it’s a balancing act, which requires more work, but does not let you get out of whack, because you are always balancing. ITS WORK, that’s the reality……..

This week's Summit Trend Update will be filed 9/6/2008, later today.


Last week, this Summit Trend Update went out those on the sign up list:

” Below are included Issued from the AMEX, TSE & Venture Exchanges,
showing significant Upward Momentum. All issues are under $7.00.

WEL, GSX, Rubicon, Phoscan, GBN, Paladin and Metanor are well
known to me, and may be held long
in personal and Associate accounts.

In each and every case here, DYODD & DYOHW ! ! !

ANV Allied Neveda Gold AMEX 5.84
AZC Augusta Resources AMEX 4.89
ETQ Corriente Resources AMEX 4.15
GGR Geo Global Resources AMEX 3.98
GSX Gasco Energy, Inc. AMEX 2.63
ILE Isolagen, Inc. AMEX 1.34
WEL Boots and Coots Intl AMEX 3.05
XPO Express-1 AMEX 1.42

AGI.TO Almos TSE 6.08
ARI.TO Arius Research, Inc. TSE 2.42
BNK.TO Bankers Petroleum TSE 4.85
CLM.TO Consolidated Thompso TSE 6.06
ELR.TO Eastern Platinum Ltd. TSE 1.57
GBG.TO Great Basin Gold Ltd. TSE 2.74
ORA.TO Aura Minerals Inc TSE 1.34
PDN.TO Paladin Energy Ltd. TSE 5.28
RMX.TO Rubicon Minerals TSE 1.84

CNS.V Canoro Resources CDNX 0.75
FOS.V Phoscan Chemical CDNX 1.06
HAT.V Hathor Exploration CDNX 4.37
MTO.V Metanor Resources CDNX 0.6
NRS.V Norwood Resources CDNX 1.29
PIK.V Peak Gold Ltd. CDNX 0.81
RYD.V Ryland Oil Corp. CDNX 1.89
SLG.V Sterling Resources CDNX 2.28
TAS.V Terra Ventures Inc. CDNX 0.98
WZR.V WesternZagros CDNX 2.49

Your comments and feedback are solicited to:
Good Luck To All August 30, 9:30 AM Eastern Time”
Today another UPDATE WILL Go out to those on the sign-up list.

Monday, September 1, 2008

ROAD TRIP ! ! ! Labor Day Weekend ? ! ? ! ? !

While I was most interested to see XAU [ the metal ] move a wee bit, I tried to remember if Labor Day was celebrated in the Commonwealth Countries. No matter, NO, I am not daft taking a 12 hour road trip on Labor Day Weekend ! ! Simply one business associate told me that my long awaited prize was ready for pickup, and LABOR DAY is the only day I can get it done ! Sound familar >? ?

I publish that here, so that no one HAS to continue checking here for posts, other than daily. Much to the heartburn of a few who know me well, I really dont change my opinions about trends, reversals, top zones, bottom zones and the like until I weigh all the most timely available evidence in the most expeditious manner AT A SPECIFIC TIME. Therefore, the information in the Summit Trend Update issued 9:30 Sat 8/30/08, [to those whoms subscribe to it ]will be valid [ if dated some ] until I issue a NEW Summit Trend Update.

I tend to publish UPDATES as conditions change, and therefore, can most easily reach those who subscribe [ and receive my promotions also ]. Reports will be issued via the subscription also, again as they are produced, rather than upon a specific schedule.

My private indicators are computed weekly and issued to Associates and Indicator Subscribers immediately. Details on these services are about to be published on my website, which is listed in the links.

Please be safe and enjoy the fruits of your labors on this Labor Day Weekend.