Thursday, December 8, 2016

When I graduated University, U$D 40 K would put you on Easy Street. Looks like they moved it.

Which is not to say you cant find Easy Street, it means you have to know what it looks like now.

   All that said, in my desire to be able to share more info, more qwkly, I am on a new website,
   which is working well for me so far, to which YOU ARE INVITED.

  BLOGGER has done a great job for me these years and I do not anticipate abandoning this blog because of its rich content.   I do, however, see myself using  for specific purposes that I have not been able to intergrate into this BLOGGER site.

  Drop by, give a test drive and see how it feels.  For me, so far so good.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Ever ask yourself "WHAT DOES IT REALLY MEAN" ?

I think if that question were answered here, this chart would be a help :
   So the real question that this Chart would address would be :

    "What did the stocks most widely owned, do relative to the Gold, Silver Stocks and Miners ?"




Newmont Mining CorporationNEM8.94
Goldcorp IncGG.TO5.96
Newcrest Mining LtdNCMGF.AX5.71
Anglogold Ashanti Ltd ADRAU.JO3.39
Kinross Gold CorpKGC.TO2.70
WELL you can understand why NO ONE wants you to KNOW !!!

Monday, September 12, 2016

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     One of the many charts we use to help validate  our tactical moves.
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Thursday, August 18, 2016

All's Well that Ends Well ? NAW ! For Better or for Worse ? NAW ! ~ What Cliche Today ?

How about
and GROUNHOG DAY Combined ?

 Obviously if your NOT in denial, you know this cannot end well, no matter how much the so-called  "Monetary Authorities" keep queering up the money supply, digitally, or thru debt issuance or otherwise.   The question popped up " Is there an edict that the Non-PM stock markets will keep ramping until the US Election?"
To which I'd tell people to look around at all the new jobs and new cars.   What, lots of new cars, on loans at any cost, but no new jobs ?  How does that work ?

I think  you lower lending standards to the point where they are effecually non-existant.  Jobs, well it seems to evade our so august "Monetary Authorities" how jobs actually come about, actual jobs, not reported jobs.

      I think this charade has gone on so far, that the term "Conflict of Interest" has been so  egrediously exceeded in size and scope that most of the awake working class has turned a blind eye to the massive corruption extent, as long as they can keep food on the table, a roof overhead, a vehicle on the road, fuelled.  That may explain the massive appeal TRUMP is finding, people desparate for a real explaination, and a possible way to resolve what they see the Western world de-evolving into a true Hell~Hole for working families.

Lets use just one chart to illustrate more clearly another seeming conflict.

Most striking is the UP BULL CHANNEL of the Major Gold Stock ETF, GDX !!

 Proceeding like a raging housefire, it shows classic Bull Market qualities including corrections.   Above it in both Green and Blue depictions are the
1/(in Green and Brown)  Speed and Acceleration graph  for the PRICE of GDX.
2/(in Slate Blue), a Speed and Acceleration graph of the MONEY going to GDX;
    Both Completely and directly opposed to each other !!!  Not an iota of possible doubt.    Why do I even care ?
      Well as you and I have noted over the years, the Agents of The Powers That Be (TPTB) joyfully engage the surpression of GOLD prices as the tenure of their bosses depends on the ability to to baffle the masses with BS when it comes to finanical truths, so their loot of econonomies can stretch into the sunset without their necks also being stretched.  Thus you need not suspect manipulation when these prices go UP, as all the pressue against them is DOWN.
Today and this weeks doward pressure on the GDX price takes place at a time when the funds flowing INTO it are rising.  What that means is that a natural pullback is taking place, being steeper were not funds flowing into GDX.  What that means, is when this correction runs its natural course, the upswing of GDX will again resume in whatever measure and power is appropriate.   BOTTOM LINE SHORT ANSWER.  Gold Stocks are being bought and held as Gold Backed Assets during both their up's and down's as the huge uptrend channel witnesses.

Bottom Line = We are in a Primary Bull Market for Gold and its related stocks.

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Monday, July 4, 2016

This is I N D E P E N D E N C E DAY 2016


Imagine the anger and angst if you were a baby abandoned this way.
Fig 1 (Aug 28, 2013)

Fig 2.

 Now to quote John Murphy: “ 'Any Time Dimension' "
"All of the (above) chart types can be employed for any time dimension. The daily chart, which is most popular time period, is used to study price trends for the past year. For longer range trend analysis going back five or ten years, weekly and monthly charts can be employed” CHART SCHOOL LINK at STOCKCHARTS.
Now history is NOT going to tell us what is going to happen, only that it has in the past, or not. This math is not to tell you WHAT will happen but intends to show WHAT CAN happen. 
FIG 4 

This leg has already seen 3 GAPS in the Month of JUNE, 2016.
Here is the math for the JUNE Gaps:
June2-3 = 1.11 / unfilled  
June23-24 = 0.60 / unfilled 
June 30-Jul 1 = 0.69 /unfilled gap unfilledSo we have about $2.40 GDX of
Figure for yourself if you think it could jump GDX $ 1.97 ->
I find that a credible threat.

One measure partially implying the upward pressure under GDX is the HUGE estimated Upside target
of 52.5. It ain't real till it happens but its like a bird dog, he knows there is a big bird in that thicket, and it wants to flush, like a big cock pheasant, skyward.
To reference, please ck Blog Posts on 9/10/13; 9/23/13;
10/29/13; 3/6/16 which all relate to The Straits of Hell and WHALE Island.

So what have we got here ? My assessment is we have a trend going on,
warped by years of suppression, holding down demand until it could no longer be suppressed. So was it a big surprise when the GDX would not go below a level comparable to 1942, when the US Govt stopped Gold Mining and diverted those assets and that energy to the War Effort? No because there was no profit then, as there was no profit anticipated by the GDX dropping to 12.5. GDX clawed its way back and refused to die, so the gapping activity is no surprise given the vicious surpressionfrom 2012. THE TREND IS WARPED !! TO THE UPSIDE !!
Thus in a betting situation, I am betting on it staying warped. But to what end?
Well if the GDX fords the Straits of Hell, like an Amphibious Military Division, and the beachhead will be established north of 32.64 GDX. If like a Crown Fire, in a forest fire in a Spruce or Pine forest, the GDX leaps over and Gaps over The Straits of HELL, there will be one helluva fire on the other side, AND we will have WHALE ISLAND, a 3 year long ISLAND BOTTOM, an Abandoned Baby. ! ! ! !
Just to review WHY this Might be Important, we have: The John Murphy Quote: “ Any Time Dimension
All of the above chart types can be employed for any time dimension. The daily chart, which is most popular time period, is used to study price trends for the past year. For longer range trend analysis going back five or ten years, weekly and monthly charts can be employed.” CHART SCHOOL LINK at STOCKCHARTS.
So while it is far from a sure thing, it is, just as surely possible to see a 3 year long ISLAND BOTTOM. Add in the fact that the STRAITS OF HELL are 18 points off the Bottom, it is just as true that, adding those 18 points to the north side of The STRAITS of HELL would take us very close to the Estimated Target of 52.5, adding credibility to this potential. Bears watching............
Either scenario is bullish, but given the massive suppression, something must give in order to balance what is to come. Given the horrendous fundamentals for most things other than Gold, I don't think I'll be on the Gold Bears.

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